At the crossroads of art, fashion, travel and leisure, Wavellon brings together visual artists and art enthusiasts around exclusive creations that take the form of limited-edition bespoke products, offering experiences inspired by the artist's vision, stories and evocative places.

It was a dream, an original idea that we decided to bring to life. We are two entrepreneurs from the high-tech world and have been working in this field since the mid-90s. After creating tech products for the consumer all these years and selling our latest baby to a Silicon Valley big tech firm, we wondered what could be even cooler.

Established in Canada but raised on the Côte d'Azur on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Marc-Antoine never stops thinking about new products and, over the years, has become a paddleboard enthusiast on Canadian lakes. Sylvain is a designer and brand creator whose award-winning products have been sold around the world. And quite naturally, the idea of creating state-of-the-art boards with exceptional aquatic attributes and qualities and offering unparalleled aesthetics quickly gained ground. Wavellon was born!


We are obsessed by innovation and quality. No is not an option. The products we dream about must be built. After many prototypes, we managed to develop a unique product to seamlessly reproduce an entire artwork on the deck of an inflatable board, an innovation in the field. We met Canadian artists and with them, we launched a unique collection of five paddleboards each printed in a maximum of 100 units, it is the Founders' Edition Collection. Its beauty, exclusivity, great stability, exceptional construction and the quality of its materials and accessories have made it a totally unique and highly prized board on the market.

What’s to come is even brighter. We learned a lot, but above all we had time to develop more features, travel the world to find the best suppliers as well as world-renowned artists and we are preparing incredible boards for 2024. Stay tuned!

Check back regularly our pages to discover the future of Wavellon, it's worth a look!

Marc-Antoine & Sylvain